This is the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

It didn't take long for the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 to leak out onto the web. Ozzy Osborne approves of the pentagram headlights. More »

Tuesday RoundupThis woman jumped from a moving car into a tree to avoid police

A 21-year-old North Dakota woman followed up an evening of drinking by jumping out of a moving car and into a tree to avoid police. The two passengers in the car probably didn't appreciate the effort. More »

Tuesday RoundupGiugiaro pens future Volkswagen Golf, Polo

The same design house that brought you the Mk1 Golf and Scirocco are now showing off, via the leaky European Patent office, new designs that look extremely Golf and Polo-esque. More »

Tuesday RoundupProject Grocery Getter: Part Five

Our ongoing build-thread for the K-PAX Racing Volvo C30 gets into a long discussion of the benefits of a new diff and keeping the vehicle's ABS system. More »

Tuesday RoundupFord website advertises "Ford Explorer SHO"

Is the Ford Explorer SHO with the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 soon to be a reality? Probably not, just don't tell the confused web developers at Ford. More »


Tuesday RoundupI am the Lamborgini Aventador's V12-engined rolling chassis

If one glimpse of the exterior of the Aventador LP700-4 isn't enough to slake your thirst for bull-headed power, how about three shots of what's going on underneath the hood? It's better than I Am Number Four. More »

Tuesday RoundupThe mosty annoying traffic the world

Canada's stereotype as an easygoing land will only be re-enforced by these videos showing a stoner giving a 15-minute lecture to a police officer that dared pull him over. More »

Tuesday RoundupGet horny for the Caddy Shack

Florida enchants us. It confuses and amazes us. And just when we're ready to endorse hare-brained geographic alterations, this comes along: a fusion of a '61 Cadillac front end with a fifth wheel trailer. More »

Tuesday RoundupCrazy Texans plan to break ten-minute mark at Pikes Peak

The small, independent team of Texans at RallyReady is planning a full-on assault on this year's Pikes Peak with an aim to do something no factory-backed, professional-driven car's ever been able to do: break the ten-minute mark. More »

Tuesday RoundupThe Bahrain Grand Prix, now with tanks

The riots in Bahrain may have claimed this year's Formula One race, but who says Grands Prix have to stick to fragile, carbon fiber cars? Cornering speeds may suffer, but explosive rounds shall put a new twist on overtaking. More »