According to this speculative document a Cheers and Gears member with GM powertrain knowledge put together for the 3 Series-fighting Cadillac ATS, the -V version will get a 6.2-liter LS engine with a 470 HP output. And it fits how?

Seriously, GM's LS line of V8 engines are some serious beasts. So, assuming GM would use the LS3 engine —we only have one real question — with what shoehorn do they plan on fitting it into the engine bay?


Don't get me wrong — I'd love to see it happen, but I've got to think that engine bay'll be a tiny bit cramped. Seriously, just look at what the CTS-V engine bay looks like with the LSA engine. It's so cramped they were barely able to fit a plastic cover atop the engine:

OK, so that picture didn't help. Whatever — it doesn't matter anyway, because I'd be all over a 470 HP ATS-V. But only if it can keep the weight down. No fatties!


Wait, who are we kidding, this'll be the fattest small sedan ever — and we'll likely love it anyway. America, pork yeah!

Also, note the 8 speed auto gearbox. At this point they should just give it three more gears — just to say they turned the gearbox all the way to 11. Amiright?

[via Cheers and Gears]