Up Close With The Call Of Duty Black Ops Jeep

The Call Of Duty Black Ops Jeep's the first car to successfully launch with a video game since the unpopular TECMO Bowl Chevy Corsica. You've seen staged photos, but here's one in real life stacked with every option Jeep has.

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An upgrade on the classic off-road runner, the Black Ops Jeep is the ultimate accessory for some Call of Duty cosplay. Available in Unlimited (four-door) or two-door variety, like the original Model T it only comes in black. Unlike the Model T, the Ops Jeep has massive 32-inch off-road tires and taillamp guards. It also has a few COD logos in case you forget why this black-on-black Jeep exists.

The model shown here definitely costs more than the base $30,625 as it features giant front bumper complete with a power winch and an optional snorkel perfect for fording small Havana creeks. The doors are also fitted with military-style cargo racks. It's not stock, but it's something you can create with the right trip through the jeep catalog.

All-in-all it's the perfect choice for assassinating any pesky Latin American leaders.