Ford Focus ST: Hatch Hotness Goes Global

The endless monotony of boring U.S. hatches got you down? The Ford Focus ST's going to turn that frown upside-down. A 246-hp, sexified, Ecoboosted, five-door probably headed for America. A beautiful sunrise may be breaking over the Carpocalyptic landscape.

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Though Ford hasn't specifically stated the Focus ST is coming stateside, their press releases and PR folks imply as much with very heavy-handed mentions of the car being a "global reveal," (wink, wink). The Paris-Auto-Show-bound ST is powered by a 246-hp Ecoboost four cylinder and a six-speed manual transmission. Outside you see a more aggressive front fascia, side treatment, brakes, wheels and rear end. Inside the car gets a high-zoot carbon-fibery interior and extra gauges. You hear that? It's every single Mark 1 Focus SVT owner weeping with joy. We're right there with them.