Mexico City Drivers Screwed Over By Protests

Since Mexico City doesn't regulate protests, demonstrators can apparently block traffic whenever they please. In just the first three months of 2010, there were 740 street demonstrations, an average of about eight and a half a day.

With 740 street demonstrations in the first three months of this year — an average of about eight and a half a day — Mexico city's been forced to run a daily Internet alert, noting what groups are scheduled to protest, whether they are likely to disrupt traffic and dispensing advisories to commuters. "Take precautions" is a common one.

We can't wait for some fed-up driver to get the cojones to protest protests shutting down traffic. Now that's a meta-march we'd support. All we need now is a Che Guevara for driver's rights. ¡Si, Se Puede! [New York Times]