Last fall, Ford launched a website that helps you create custom vinyl-wrap graphics for your 2011 Fiesta. The program has now expanded to include fake camouflage and flames for both the Mustang and F-150. What's next, factory-sponsored mullet wigs?

Here's how this works:

  • Pick a car

  • Go to

  • Pause, get up from computer, walk around your house/mobile home/stalker van

  • Survey contents of life/living room/smelly mattress in back of stalker van, ignoring drunken babysitter sleeping on floor, half-empty open two-liters of Wal-Mart cola, and stacks of old newspapers

  • Ignore rising tide of self-loathing

  • Embrace rising tide of self-loathing

  • No, wait, that's just 3:00 AM Waffle House coming back up

  • False alarm: Hash browns staying down, still hate life

  • Briefly contemplate watching Days of Our Lives marathon on TV, opt for three-hour stretch of Mr. Belvedere instead, mood rebounds

  • Become entranced by possibility of diamond-plate-look vinyl, forest camo, and black flames on the new F-150 in your driveway

  • Oh, wait, there's no F-150 in your driveway, that's just the three-wheeled '98 Cavalier that your cousin Elmore covered in truck bedliner

  • Drown disappointment in morning 40-oz. refreshment and stale Pop-Tarts

  • Wait, isn't it time for a nap?

  • (Once ordered, the graphics are installed by your local Ford dealer. They're covered by a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. Yes, you can get giant bubbles. Really. Bubbles.)