Commenter Of The Day: The Soup Peddler Edition

I'll go to my death bed knowing the food in Houston is better than the food in Austin, overall. There are exceptions. Houston doesn't have The Soup Peddler. It's a unique sort of story of the kind you expect from a college town. Techie follows a girl to Austin. It doesn't work out. He has an Office Space moment and quits programming for yoga. That doesn't work out so he starts selling soup out of his bicycle. Word spreads and it's a business, home soup delivery once a week. Two quart minimum. I've had the soup and it's as good as the story, maybe better. The way OA5599 tells it this should be an inspiration for people who are on the wrong end of a firing sequence.

They have the GM firing order wrong. It should be Wagoner, Lutz, Henderson, Lutz again, Henderson again,...