When a pickup cut-off a semi carrying a load of cooking spray in Florida, the canisters caught fire and burned with enough intensity to warp the concrete support beams. Sadly, there wasn't a hamburger spill atop the overpass.

(Photo credit Florida Turnpike Authority)

The accident occurred on CR-561 underneath the Florida turnpike December 14th.

Efforts to extinguish the blaze were hampered after a fire truck tanker slid off the road en route and rolled over, the firefighters were not seriously injured.

Drivers of both the truck and tractor trailer escaped without major injury.

Inspection of the bridge found the fire from the cooking spray had burned so hot major structural elements where warped and damaged beyond repair.

Two contractors are currently working on the estimated $1.5 million repair job

Until then, the country road and the turnpike are closed with all traffic taking multiple detours.