In proper hands a beater 1967 Camaro with a 454 cubic inch V8 and a T-bar shifter creates an artwork of sound and fury no namby-pamby painter could ever muster. This one lives in Sweden and drifts dirt tracks.

This video makes a good argument for putting as many econoboxes and hybrids on the road as possible. It would be a sad day if the wild-eyed an law-abusing among us aren't able to find the petrol to make uncouth and crude monsters like this dance across a dusty two lane or pass with a mighty fury. We often berate boring economy cars for the soulless appliances they are, but their existence means this Camaro, and the myriad muscle cars like it will have a ready supply of fuel longer into the future. It's a cynical calculus, but when the thought of such machines falling silent is the alternative, we're willing to sacrifice a lot. (Thanks for the tip Dan)