Back in 2003 Fox News' chief-crazy-question-asker Glenn Beck asked fans to each send him a dollar towards his personal purchase of a Mercedes-Benz S600. Beck even set up a still-active-to-this-day PayPal account to facilitate donations. Whatever happened to that?

Mr. Beck's got a litigious history, especially regarding certain questions asked about what he may or may not have done to a young girl in 1990, so we're not going to wade deep into allegations of hypocrisy here, but we find this interesting. Based on the archives of Mr. Beck's radio show, it seems that back in 2003, he implored his fans to send him no more than $1 towards the "Glenn Beck New Car Fund" which would go towards buying himself a Mercedes Benz S600. Sounds an awful lot like that bogey man of socialism Mr. Beck is always trotting out to scare his viewers. We'd go even further in saying it smacks of old Soviet-era communism, wherein the many provide luxury for the few. Especially when you look at his selected options:

This, of course, couldn't be true, Mr. Beck being, above all, just a regular Joe common man fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, or something. Begging for a Mercedes built by union labor in socialist Germany is the American way right? We were unable to determine if Mr. Beck ever made his modest $147,625 goal, but the Paypal donation link still exists linking to We'd love to know if he ever got that shiny new car.


Don't worry, we've pulled down copies just in case history accidentally erases itself