We got quite a few entries for the Prince Of Darkness Advertisement Photoshop Contest last week, and now you get to decide who wins the fabulous prize. Jump away to see the finalists!

We provided four early-50s-vintage Lucas Electrics ads, and contestants could modify one or more of them. We got some bonus remixed ads that weren't among the four; they don't count for winning the prize, but we'll include them in the gallery for your enjoyment. Now, here are the finalists. Vote early and often!

1. 13,383 Dollars In Debt, by Brickyard


2. 1351.83 Failures An Hour, by The Triborough Organization

3. 131.83 Miles In A Jaguar, by lumpyone


4. Making The Japanese Look Even Better, by Brickyard

5. New Friends Every Day, by Beni

6. Now My Car Won't Run, by Zachary

7. Better Buy A Case, by Brickyard

8. I'm Filing For Divorce, by Stuntdriver.