The Wilcraft is a unique, multi-seasonal amphibious vehicle designed for the outdoorsy type who likes to ice fish in the winter, hunt in the summer and rescue people from thin ice in the spring but not walk anywhere.

As you can see from the video below, it's an interesting setup designed as much for sitting for long periods of time as it is for actually crossing terrain. The hull-style design and long wheelbase create a stable platform for traveling as fast as 20 MPH. A locking differential and up to 11-inches of ground clearance combine to help clear obstacles. The large interior space and canvas cover are perfect for ice fishing or setting up a deer blind.

It also floats, which is why it's been used as an ice rescue vehicle as well. With one of these we're not sure we'd actually end up ice fishing at all and instead drive around frozen bodies of water with impunity. For just $10,495 you can own your very own Wilcraft and luxuriate in the warm glow of your many admirers.


[The Wilcraft via Vlane and Michael Banovsky]