Remember the über-rare Type 34 we saw down on the Alameda street about a year ago? It's for sale!

The seller is asking $6,000 for it, which might be the deal of the century… or it might be huge optimism on the part of the seller. These things are so rare that I just can't say. What do you think? Sorry, Graverobber, I'm repo-ing the Nice Price Or Crack Pipe series for the day- you can have it back tomorrow!

I've also received word that another DOTS honoree is up for sale: the 1965 Dodge D100 pickup, which needs a new clutch and can be yours for a mere $500. That's right, a Slant Six-powered, three-on-the-tree-equipped Dodge pickup for five Benjamins; anyone interested should email me and I'll put a note on it for you.