Fifty-Fraud T-bird for an Old School $20,000!

The Stray Cats brought Rockabilly to a whole new generation of honky-tonkers and poodleskirters. Now, Nice Price or Crack Pipe brings you a Thunderbird that wants to do the same thing for their cars.

By the early nineties, the Thunderbird had reached a pinnacle of its modern-age renaissance. The supercharged, 210 bhp V6 represented the first mechanically-pressurized factory T-birds since the rare 1957 "F" bird. The IRS was a first for the marque, and the BMW 6 series-inspired body was one of the most attractive models in the Blue Oval's line up. All in all, it was quite an achievement, and these cars have a strong following even to this day.

But some people can't leave well enough alone. While a stock Thunderbird doesn't usually catch your eye in the driveway and say to you Hey daddy-o! You know what I need? A set of Moon discs. And that Kim Kardashian has got me feeling really inadequate in the butt department, you think you could do something about that? Also, I was watching that movie - Grease - the other night, and I just gotta' get me some of that fifties bling.


That doesn't happen all that often, but apparently, for one lucky T-bird owner, his car did cry out for just such treatment. He may have awakened just long enough from his obviously Ambien-fueled modification marathon to realize just what he had done, and has now thrown the result up on Craigslist for all the world to see, and for one lucky, like-minded, soul to buy- for $20,000.

One would hope there isn't an airbag lurking under that natty red and black padded steering wheel cover, because if there is, it could result in an Alien-birth moment upon deployment. But not to fear, you'd get tea bagged by the fuzzy dice first.


So what do you think of $20,000 for a one of a kind (and there is probably pending legislation to keep it that way) Thunderbird SC with a DA haircut, cuffed dungarees, and a pack of Lucky Strikes rolled up in the sleeve of its white tee-shirt - is that a Price that is Nice? Or is the mere existence of this Fordstrocity evidence of copious quantities of the Crack?

You decide!

Fifty-Fraud T-bird for an Old School $20,000!

Fifty-Fraud T-bird for an Old School $20,000!

Hudson Valley Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. Hat tip to me_grimlok!