I'm back in California after my 2,600 mile drive from Alameda to Denver and back, and I've finally gotten around to editing- sort of- the video from the dash-mounted video camera.

This is the same cheapo bullet camera used to catch in-car LeMons action from the Cajun Jihad Mitsubishi and the Mustard Yellow V8olvo. I didn't bother to hook up the microphone (do you really want to listen to a D15 engine buzzing endlessly?); instead, I've dubbed in some soothing tunes from my old band, Murilee Arraiac.

The video below shows bits and pieces from the I-80 to I-50 to I-70 route from Alameda to Denver, passing through Sacramento, Reno, and Grand Junction, with an overnight stop in Ely, Nevada. The '92 Civic DX averaged 40.7 MPG for the trip, at 80-85 MPH with the air conditioning on- not bad real-world mileage, I think. I had an idea that I would drive 60 or so for long stretches, with the AC off, in an attempt to crack 50 MPG… but that proved impossible in practice.