When you're eating wind-blown sand in the scorching Nevada desert, what do you want to do? Why, listen to some techno in a grimy tent billowing from your friends' digestive gases, that's what!

Burning Man takes place not far from Reno-Fernley Raceway, so we figured we needed some sort of Burning Man-themed penalty. Thus was born the Playa Punishment. To get this much-dreaded penalty, the miscreant must first roll a 10 on the LeMons Craps Table Of Misfortune (roll a 12 and you get the even-more-dreaded Gangsta Funeral, which involves an entire 40-dog of Olde English 800 getting dumped inside your car; more on that later).

When you get the Playa, first your team must set up LeMons Justice Lieberman's somewhat icky old Coleman tent. Then your whole team (be it 3 members or 10) crawls inside and we toss a case of bottled water inside after you. Then comes the boombox, loaded with The Worst Techno Song Ever Recorded (DJ Hidro-Ponik's "Hadron Particles"), and you sit there for a long, long time. Most teams really, really hated this one.

However, one team enjoyed the hell out of the Playa, complaining only that the music wasn't loud enough!