Lamborghini's latest attempt to wow the world's bull fighters, the limited edition LP650-4 Roadster, made its first appearance this morning in a Geneva dealership, completely missing the supercargasm called the Geneva Motor Show.

We first gave you the full details on this raging bull two weeks ago and while we thought the $400,000 limited edition Lamborghini LP650-4 Roadster was bold then, seeing it now gives us the impression that it's more ostentatious than George Hamilton on a weekend raid on Vegas with a nose full of coke and a soon-to-be-dead hooker on his arm. We had high hopes that when this relapse from the 80's arrived on dealers lots, that it would be offered in some other color scheme than the before and after baby food colors.


Either way, we hope that the seven Reventóns that are for sale get sold quick and their previous owners pick up the 650 HP, 6.5-liter V12-equipped LP650-4 if for nothing other than to hide these from sight, Guantanamo Bay style.

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