The 2009 Geneva Motor Show's overwhelmed us with hi-tech, futuristic concept cars. Our Swiss friend Gehard the Bookie makes sense of it all by giving us the odds of these rolling testbeds seeing production.

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11.) Ford Iosis Concept

10.) Rolls Royce 200EX

9.) Nissan Qazana Concept

8.) Infiniti Essence

7.) Aston One-77

6.) Mitsubishi iMiEV

5.) Koenigsegg Quant

4.) Magna Steyr Mila EV

3.) Rinspeed E2

2.) Rinspeed iChange

1.) Giugiaro Frazer-Nash Namir

As if it wasn't ridiculous enough it's named for a company that stopped producing cars in 1957. WINNER!