Does that Corolla look familiar? It should! Yes, team Schwing (winner of the last Texas LeMons race) grabbed the lead early today and has hung on through the first few hours.

Yes, they've painted their car white and given it a Ghostbusters theme, but it's the same car and same drivers. How is it that Team SCHWING is so good at LeMons? Basically, they don't get black flags; unlike damn near everyone else in the race, we haven't seen them in the punishment area all day. And, speaking of punishments, the reason I haven't had a chance to do any live coverage is due to the endless series of miscreants we've had to discipline. We've got some new punishments, including the Habitat For Dogmanity, the Studs & Spurs, the Mime Your Crime, and the Bob Ross Hood Painting, and I'll be sharing those with you when things calm down later tonight. For now, here's a gallery of some of today's racing action: