Would you prefer a pure Italian Quattroporte with 288 honest Maserati horsepower… or one with a blown Ford 5.4 modular V8 grunting out 626 Detroit horses? And what would you pay?

Yes, that's two separate questions, and we're only interested in the latter one here; we're assuming that all but the most obsessive ardent Maserati purists will allow for modifications to the not-so-sacred Quattroporte, anyway. As was the case with yesterday's NPOCP Skoda wagon, this car has been for sale since North America was part of Pangea, and we've been getting tips about it for almost as long (thanks to Franzouse for the most recent tip). So, the car: 626 horsepower plus supercharging plus manual transmission plus Maserati nameplates definitely registers a reading in the red part of the Badass-O-Meter™, and we must observe that Las Vegas is the perfect home for it. We won't speculate on performance figures, but they must be truly scary. So, think about what kind of machine you can buy for 43 grand, and then ask yourself: is that a good price for this car?
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