The Honda S2000 is a competent, taut little street fighter, but markedly lacking in torque. What does any self-respecting gearhead do when faced with such a situation? Go totally overboard while shaving weight!

Almost becoming an expected swap for just about any vehicle, both rear and front wheel drive, GM's LSx engine architecture is a strong stalwart in the ever-increasing engine power arms race. Over a decade old now, it still offers a terribly potent mixture in a tiny aluminum box.

With no other reason besides bowing to the Gods of Speed, we bring you this ideal combination-in-progress of precision driving equipment. Brought together in holy matrimony, you've got a lithe Japanese roadster revered many times over for its great balance and poise implanted with a healthy dose of red-blooded American V8 torque-nasty power. May the oversteer be with you, amen.