The Lam-Bro-Ghini, which appears to have once been an FC RX-7, is a true exotic. And when we say exotic, what we really mean is a car with a severe case of the exotic disease Leishmaniasis.

An avid Ferrari Chat reader spotted this Lam-Bro-Ghini sitting in an alley in Santa Rosa, CA. The A-pillars have been cut and laid back to give it an ultra-aerodynamic profile to match the new sheet-metal roof. Surely, the polished, glare-inducing sheet metal roof is there to disguise this rocket from flying pigs and potential speed cameras. We’d also guess it’s there to act as a heat conductor since the owner likely removed the heater system in the search for lightness. The monster-motor sitting underneath the hood is cooled by any number of heat extractors; necessary when traveling at the break-neck speeds this Lam-Bro-Ghini is surely capable of.

Since this beast generates so much heat in its quest for top speed supremacy, the rear has been sliced and diced for both heat extraction and aerodynamic aid. Stopping power for the Lam-Bro-Ghini is provided by a sporty set of 10-inch rotors with 4-piston calipers and a permanent airbrake that helps bring this red missile back to boulevard cruising speeds.


We’ve seen some quality Fauxborghinis and Fauxrraris in our day and this Lam-Bro-Ghini is right up there with them. It almost made us believers. Almost. Hat Tip To Kenny!

[via FerrariChat]