The rear-engined, 240 HP, 1,700 Lbs KTM X-Bow is one of the fastest ways to lap a racetrack. But with no ABS, traction control or even a windscreen, how does it the snow?

Some crazy Scandinavian motorcycle journalists had booked the up-specced, all carbon fiber KTM for a review, but when the car arrived, it started to snow. Rather than be put off by the inclement weather, they suited up in full winter riding gear and took it for a spin. The results are simply epic.

This KTM X-Bow retails for about $130,000 in Sweden, but doesn’t include a heater, even on the options list.


The biggest problem proved to be the lack of a windscreen. Not only was the full-face helmet necessary for warmth, but for keeping the constant spray of road-salt and slush thrown up by the snow plow-like front splitter out of the driver’s eyes. The test driver reported “limited visibility” as his greatest issue.

We’ll let them tell you the rest:

The car is actually doing fine on the snow. It runs on winter tires, but no studs. Compared to an old Porsche 911 with a similiar set-up (rear engine, rear wheel drive and no weight on the front wheels) it's a beauty for winter driving.

The steering is "ultraquick" and there's no ABS, ESP or any other three letter electronic devices. The same goes for power steering and servo-assisted braking. Feedback from the steering wheel is excellent. Steering, gearing and braking is direct, precise and "distinct" - although it's hard to tell how powerful the brakes are.

[via MC24]