First Hyundai Genesis Coupe Crash Caught In Korea The last thing any automaker could want leading up to the launch of an exciting new model is images of the car wrecked against a concrete post. Unfortunately for Hyundai, this 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe was caught making its first entry into the destruction derby of automotive life in Korea. According to a translated version of the Korean website Luckyworld , the car was wearing a temporary plate when it smashed into the concrete barrier around a street light, leaving both passenger and driver in critical condition. Since we don't really know the circumstances of the crash, we're not willing to rule out this being not a temp plate, but a manufacturers plate, meaning the car could have been a non-salable tester. Which is why we're willing to overlook for the moment a lack of airbag deployment.

[Luckyworld via Carscoop]