Unrusted Alfa Romeo 164L Heals The Sick, Restores Sight To The Blind In Minneapolis This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition , where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot . With the '91 Alfa Romeo 164L we saw down on the Alameda street this morning, we might as look at a miraculous Alfa this afternoon? Why miraculous? Because this 1991 Alfa Romeo 164L lives down on the Minneapolis street, a street stained red from the ruined metal of cars that dare to park upon it. MBAcuraFan took some shots of this amazingly unrusty Pininfarina creation; make the jump to read his description.

I saw this neo-classic Alfa Romeo 164L sitting on Central Ave NE in North East Minneapolis. In its lack-luster condition, i dont see anyone buying it right away, but who knows? I sure wouldn't. Although it's fairly recent, i thought I would send it in and see if the you liked it. I took the liberty of blurring out the guys phone number, to avoid any prank calls.