Clarkson Decides Not All American Cars Are Rubbish, Would Take Cadillac CTS-V Over BMW M5 We had some outrage from the readers when that Jeremy Clarkson fella (who recently crashed and is not at all dead ) from across the water done made the Chrysler Sebring convertible one of them- whaddya call it- met aphors for the entire United States and dissed 'em both. Well, you disgruntled types can go ahead and regruntle yourselves, because now The Stig is shopping for a 4-door saloon and Clarkson thinks the Cadillac CTS-V looks like a helluva lot better deal than the BMW M5. His logic goes something like this: 1) The Cad is £19,000 cheaper than the M5, 2) The CTS-V is faster around the Nürburgring, and 3) The Stig won't worry about the insatiable thirst of the CTS-V, because he saved so much money buying it in the first place.
[Times Of London ]