Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: The $95,000 Lazer F/X 1987 Corvette Are you ready for another round of Nice Price Or Crack Pipe ? Last time we were here, 79% of you felt that the $100,000 Electric De Lorean DMC-12 deserved the Marshal Lucky treatment . Yessir! Now we've got a profoundly customized '87 Corvette that BZR found for us; it failed to sell with a Buy It Now of 95 grand, but check out the receipts: the "partial total investment" in the Lazer F/X Prototype comes to $210,868.45. There's a Lingenfelter 388ci small-block (with an automatic), a custom-molded interior, and a bunch of stuff described by the seller as "aggressive." It still needs bodywork and paint, but you're getting this thing for less than half the original investment! [eBay Motors]

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