There's an interesting photographic collection at the Texas Humanities Resource Center documenting some of the oldest buildings in rural Texas. Not surprisingly, many of these buildings were used as jails for the criminal and insane. This isn't because early Texans were particularly more motivated towards violence or mental instability than anyone else (though Texans aren't particularly unmotivated in these areas either), but rather because the buildings that survived to be photographed and studied are often those of higher construction quality than homes and farm buildings — often courthouses and jails. Today at Jalopnik we leaped from brick-and-mortar commenting to fancy threaded commenting, eliciting a semi-sarcastic Graverobber response.


Back in my day, comments had carburetors, a manual choke and a stick shift. Now a days, it seems like there's no point in even opening the hood on a comment because it's all new-fangled this, and threaded that. Geez, why is it that everything I'm comfortable with is called "Classic" these days? Hey, what does this button d . . .

That COTD is certainly what we'd call a classic. [Photo: Flickr, Info: Humanities Interactive]