11,000-Mile Chrysler TC By Maserati: Nice Price or Crack Pipe? It's telling that 90% of listings for the Chrysler TC refer to the Most Expensive K Car Ever as a Maserati in the headline, with no mention of Chrysler. But they really are Maseratis , so you'd expect to pay way more for one than you would for, say, a Le Baron Turbo. What we're wondering is whether a Chrysler TC By Maserati with just 11,000 miles on the clock is really worth $12,500. This may well be the nicest TC in the world and it might go on to set new records at Barrett-Jackson someday… which means twelve-and-a-half grand might just be a Nice Price. What do you say, dear readers? Make the jump to vote! [Craigslist Springfield , go here if ad disappears]

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