Pontiac Rear-Wheel-Drive Excitement On Hold There was some speculation floating around which opined the future of Pontiac would be an all rear-wheel-drive one. Exciting as that may be, those rumors have been quashed. Despite the introduction of the RWD Pontiac Solstice , Pontiac G8 and pending Pontiac G8 ST , the market shift toward fuel economy is forcing GM to keep wrong-wheel-drive firmly in place for future product plans at the pointy-spear division. So what kind of cars will we be seeing as a result?With the Pontiac G6 in refresh limbo and a probable Pontiac G5 based on the Chevy Cruze , it's a hard to argue the case for an all-rear-wheel-drive lineup at the moment. MotorAuthority contradicts an earlier GM statement saying we wouldn't be seeing the Pontiac G3 in the US. They go one step further and imagine a car between the G3 and the G5 — we're no rocket scientists, but "G4" is a good bet for a name. So, lets count it all up: No rear-wheel-drive lineup and a rebadged Aveo? We don't like this story; put it back. [MotorAuthority ]