Ferrari 360 Modena V8 Engine On Ebay Has Us Daydreaming Cranking out about 400 HP, this high-strung 3.6-liter V8 from a 2000 Ferrari 360 is certainly not the most powerful engine you can buy for $11,000. Logically speaking, then, there's really not much of a reason to be interested in it. Logic, however, has never heard the scream of eight hot-blooded Italian cylinders exploding at 8500 RPM. Our minds wander with the possibilities for this "perfect" condition mill. There's already one in the back of the "Ferrambo " Nash Rambler wagon, but surely there's an even better application yet for such a glorious piece of machinery.
Given the choice, we'd much rather have an Enzo's V12 , but the 360's V8 would still be great fun to play with. We bet there's a way to mount it in the middle of an Alfa Romeo Brera . Perhaps hanging out the back of a Fiat 500 ? Or you could just do like the current owner and have it on display on the second floor of your home. [ebay via Autofiends ]