Commenter Of The Day: Sex With Vince Young Edition

There's something that compels all of us to subject our significant others to the full force of our hobbies and preferences. Stereotypically, this means that women-folk try to get us to watch shows on Bravo (before you laugh, Project Runway is sort of addictive). On the flip side, your average American male works hard to get their lady friend into their sport by getting them into the garb of their favorite team, though there's a weird kind of logic to wanting to put the name of a rich, athletic and macho guy that could likely beat the crap out of you on your girlfriend's back. This gets even weirder when said ladyfriend complies by wearing a jersey to bed because, being five times too large for them, it doesn't fit properly. You're then in the situation where you're all of a sudden getting busy with Vince Young (who is, undeniably, a handsome man). Benji's post about the new NHRA-approved vibrator got the magic fingers of tenbase thinking how this might finally bridge some gaps.

finally, I can buy something for my girlfriend out of the Summit catalog.
Don't forget to stock up on lubricant ...