Jalopnik Mails It In With New "Top Stories" E-MailS

Do you ever miss big stories on Jalopnik because you're, you know, working? We have great news: E-mail alerts! Check out that blue bar over on the left of the page. If you look closely, you'll see a "Suscribe To Jalopnik" headline and entry field. You may now sign up to get the "Top Stories Of the Week" from Jalopnik via e-mail. The e-mail goes out every Friday and shows the 5 most popular stories of the week. We'll also use the e-mail list to alert readers to "breaking news" on the site. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address in the window and follow the confirmation directions. These addresses will not be sold to advertisers, by the by. Plus! Guess what?

Jalopnik Mails It In With New "Top Stories" E-MailS

Look! A gratuitous picture of a Fierenzo. Now will you sign up? It's so easy! Just look for the thing that looks like this:

Jalopnik Mails It In With New "Top Stories" E-Mail

We humbly thank you and return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Photo (and, you know, everything else) Credit: Jezebel