Let's leave San Francisco and follow the route taken by gold-crazed sailors who abandoned their ships back in 1849, as we head up into the Sierra foothills and visit the Gold Country town of Placerville. Reader Parrish spotted this Nissan-built Austin Cambridge (sold as the Datsun 1000 in North America in the late 1950s), which isn't so much down on the street as outstanding in its field. Those of you who missed out on the Datsun 1000 PCH entry might still be able to head up to Placerville and make a deal for this car! Parrish's description after the jump.

I suppose it doesn't really count since I found this one out on delivery (I put in appliances for Sears), but here's a rare one for Placerville, CA, let alone anywhere: Nissan Sunny/Datsun 1000. Last registered in 1997, so it was running not too long ago, too.