The Other Heidelberg Project

While yesterday's story about The Heidelberg Project is interesting on its own, we have to confess to setting that one up first so we could follow with this one as a chaser. Tyree Guyton created an interesting and original installation art neighborhood out of found objects and weirdness. "The Heidelberg" here is a far, far more expensive and hideous endeavor. Rumored to be the result of a side project at a defunct aerospace company, the costs associated with this (thankfully) one-off car will make you do a spit-take.

Based on a Porsche 911/915 powertrain and an original chassis, The Heidelberg required a claimed $1.5 million in tooling. Roll that figure around in your mind a moment. The single seat horror show went up for sale on eBay at one point and failed to get a single bid, with a reserve price of $50,000. Um, yeah, legendary fail. [PriceOfHisToys]