When we saw the '73 Buick Riviera in this series a couple months ago, some of your comments indicated that many of you prefer the pre-boattail Rivs. That's no problem, because (in spite of Alameda having something of a vintage Buick shortage) I was able to find this nice '66 parked within a block of the 1972 Plymouth Fury III. And, since the Favorite DOTS Plymouth poll was so much fun, let's do the same thing to determine which of the island's Buicks is the crowd favorite.

This was quite an expensive machine in its time; the Riviera for '66 listed at $4,424, which was only 500 bucks less than a 2-door Cadillac Calais (and well over a grand more than the Impala Super Sport).

The standard engine for the '66 was the 340-horse 425 "nailhead" V8, which was in its last year of production. You could get a dealer-installed dual-quad carburetor setup that got you an extra 20 horsepower out of the old nailhead, and we can only hope that this car has that option.


This car has some dings and the usual GM rust spots around some of the trim, but it lives outside, gets used as transportation, and looks pretty good.

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