Jeep Commander To Get Canned Before End Of First Product Cycle

Neidermeyer, Dead! Dean Wormer, Dead! Jeep Commander, Dead! This, at least, according to Bloomberg and their sources. The largest of Jeeps, the Commander, never quite found a place for itself in this mean old world. Despite carrying Jeep's styling over into a vehicle capable of carrying seven semi-comfortably, not even Tony Hawk could make it cool. Blame gas prices. Blame the environment. Blame Jeep owners. Blame whatever you want but with a 43% decline in already lackluster sales we're not surprised to hear it's not going to last a full production cycle.

We're also not surprised given that Cerberus has already envisioned the death of the Dodge Viper and the PT Cruiser and Pacifica. It's a new day! Less products more... something. [Bloomberg]