We've never gotten a grasp of the whole English nobility thing as, being Americans, we're constantly in a state of flux between fortune and ruin. As Alexis de Tocqueville pointed out in his seminal work of sociological and political analysis, Democracy in America, we live in a society where it is possible that servants and masters switch places within the matter of a single generation. Of course, we'd point out that de Tocqueville was of the landed-nobility and his full name is Alexis-Charles-Henri Clerel de Tocqueville. What does this have to do with the COTD? Everything.

Not everyone was happy with the nomination of the Caparo T1 to the JFG, maybe because of its handling characteristics and, maybe, because it is the type of car only a zany aristocrat would/could buy, as pointed out by 13oostedwgn

I drink ales.
I appreciate a good steak.
I go to the barber.
I like labrador retrievers.
My wife is shorter than me.
I have a wife.

This is not a car for me.

Maybe if I drank absinthe, owned a cheetah, ate jellied sparrow-tongues, had a collection of 15th-century French erotica and had three hyphens in my name, it'd have been my fantasy.

*click* No.

This may be true, but who doesn't want to own a cheetah?