Ready For The Hammer Party?

No, not this Hammer Party, although the AMG Hammer came out around the same time as the Big Black album. We're talking about one of 21 American-built 1988 AMG "Hammer" Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars, which is up for sale with a Buy It Now of $89,999. Yes, even though this is a high-end, super-collectible factory musclecar, the seller feels compelled to do the "many nines" pricing routine more commonly associated with a clapped-out '86 Buick Somerset sitting on the Dollar Bill's Easy Autos lot with a Day-Glo "$1,999.99" sign on the windshield. But never mind that, because buying this car today is like buying an LS6 Chevelle 20 years ago; sure, it seems way overpriced now, but just wait another 20 years and see what happens! The only drawback here is the lack of the 32-valve 6-liter AMG engine, though the seller claims the 2-valve 5.6 is actually better. Either way, now that we're in a Hammer Party mood, make the jump to hear "Steelworker." Oh, and thanks to Schm for the tip! [eBay Motors]