After almost a month since we last saw an Alameda Mercedes-Benz in this series, we're due again. Old Mercedes sedans are all over town (and, most likely, all over half the towns in the world), and they're so ageless that I often go right past them when eyeballing for potential DOTS cars. It's just that they've always been around; not in huge numbers, but present in the background.

I found this 250S on the same block as the '75 El Camino and the Double Cab '71 Chevy Pickup.

This big Benz is in very nice original condition, with the interior remaining miraculously nice even after decades of California sun.


List price on this car when new was $5,747, a couple hundred bucks more than a Cadillac DeVille. Which car was a better bet to last 500,000 miles? And now, because polls are fun, let's have one to see which DOTS Mercedes-Benz is the crowd favorite:

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