The PCH Poster Child ranks are populated by the likes of BrendanSF, Belvedere Adrian, Junkman, SeanKHotay, dculberson, and Franzouse, and each of them got in because of the undeniable madness of their respective projects. Now Mad_Science is rapping his bloody knuckles on the PCH Poster Child Clubhouse door with his '67 Ford Country Sedan wagon's 390 rumbling in the background...

Thing is, while a not-very-rusty '67 Ford wagon is indeed cool enough, is it hell enough for PCH? These things are built pretty well and parts aren't impossible to find.

Perhaps you'll need the Project Car Hell Song playing to provide inspiration while you contemplate this momentous decision.

Before you vote, be sure to check out Mad_Science's collection of photos here: [Flickr]

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