Welcome to another DOTS Truck Monday! Even though we had a Chevy truck here just a few weeks ago, the reality on Alameda's streets is that at least half of the old pickups you see on the island were made by The General. That means we're going to see more GMC and Chevrolet trucks than those made by other manufacturers. Not a problem, really, because the mid-60s GM trucks are good-looking machines. Take, for example, this '66 C10 I spotted on the same block as the orange Porsche 911.

There's not a whole bunch of difference between the mid-60s Chevy and its GMC sibling; compare this truck to the '65 GMC we saw a while back and the resemblance is pretty obvious. But still, there are differences. Hey, let's have a poll!

This big trim piece on the cab is a work of freakin' art!


Sadly, it's an automatic instead of the much cooler three-on-the-tree. But still, this truck gets the Jalopnik Pickup Truck Seal of Approval!

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