With all that land mass and all those people, Russia is expected to be the largest car market in Europe within a few years. And what do the proud people of Russia want? Cheap, honest transportation; a "people's car." Well that's exactly what Russia automaker AvtoVAZ wants to give them. Since most of these consumers are not going to be shopping for the likes of an Audi R8 or a custom SUV, AvtoVAZ (known to us as the maker of Ladas) wants to bring a car to market with a price tag of about $6000. According to AvtoVAZ head Boris Aleshin,

"We need to produce a new very cheap car model costing around $US six- seven thousand but not more than $US 7.3 thousand, and probably there will be several budget models,"
While this seems downright expensive compared to the named by Apple built in India Tata Nano , it should be cheap enough to attract consumers who would otherwise buy a used car and/or non-Russian marque.

[via Russia Today]