No, I don't mean Xtra Cab in the title, like some kinda warlord-driven Toyota. I mean this truck, which parks next to the island's Catholic high school, literally has an extra cab... in the bed. You figure, hey, the owner of this truck just picked up a cab for another truck project, and he just hasn't had him a chance to unload it, right? Wrong- the extra cab has been sitting in the bed for at least three years, and it comes along for the ride wherever the truck goes! Best of all, the truck's owner went to high school with Belvedere Adrian, and he's pretty sure the dude's owned the extra truck cab for 25 years.

That's a beautiful sight. I'm not sure if I prefer the look of this truck to that of its '71 GMC sibling- maybe we need a poll!

Hey, got a riddle for ya: What has two cabs, one fender, and lowers property values? You know the answer!


Not only is there an extra cab, there's an extra gas tank. Bonus points if it still has a few gallons of juice!

It's even got the exposed seat innards and 70s-vintage dune-buggy-style steering wheel. And- need I mention it?- no cup holders!


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