France-based commenter Franzouse, not content to rest on his Project Car Hell Tipster laurels (you may remember him as the man responsible for the Yankenwagen Me, Krankenwagen Me Edition of Project Car Hell), is now looking to climb the rust-and-Bondo ziggurat and achieve Project Car Hell Poster Child Status as well...

You see, Franzouse owns a 1981 Citroën Méhari, which appears to be France's answer to the Volkswagen Type 181 (aka Thing).

He writes:
I was home for the holidays, which allowed me to open grandma's garage where i store my summer drive, which is also my very own PCH, a citroen mehari. As promised here are the pics, wiith the uber awesome Tshirt. Warning,my dad took these pictures after a 3 hour family dinner and the pictures are, slightly blurry.
Basically it's a 2CV citroen with a plastic shell on top, and it's a thrilling ride only the Jalops would understand.
Mine is an 81' with a larger 980cc (sic) engine developping like 50 bhp. I replaced the tranny (where i'm from, old 2CV transmissions are easy to find) but I didn't document it.


We figure any old French car is going to be hell (even in France), and adding an oddball plastic body and all manner of weird accessories cranks up the garage temperature to something approaching the surface temperature of the planet Venus. But does Franzouse belong in the pantheon of past PCHPC madman honorees, luminaries such as DCulberson, Belvedere Adrian, SeanKHotay, Junkman, or BrendanSF?

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