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The mother-of-all-auto-shows, the Detroit Auto Show, is just a couple of weeks away so it's now time to start the deluge of pre-Auto Show stories from the local Detroit press on how Cobo Hall's getting ready for the limelight. First to the plate is Bryce Hoffman of the Detroit News and his enthralling piece on Detroit's aging Convention Center's attempt at prettying itself up for the media and scores of public attendees. Bryce tries really hard, but it's hard for us to get hard up on a piece describing...


..."another aisle running the entire length of the hall" as the major change between this year and last. Maybe he should talk about some of the reveals coming or better yet, not run a rah-rah-Detroit Auto Show powder puff piece to begin with. Don't people know the true power of the Detroit Auto Show comes from the strength of the reveals and not the strength of pedestrian accessibility? Just sayin'... [Detroit News]