It's becoming sort of a Monday DOTS tradition to look at one of Alameda's many old trucks, so we'll continue the string with another vintage offering from The General. Since everyone liked the battle-scarred '65 GMC, we'll dial the time machine back an additional decade and look at its older brother. This is another one of those vehicles that thwarts my attempts to determine its exact model year (trucks and old German cars are the toughest); I've narrowed it down to the 1951-1953 range, but we'll need you GMC experts' input if we want to be more precise.

This old truck has been a fixture in Alameda's East End for a helluva long time. And, since polls are fun, we can all vote on whether we like this truck better than the shiny '50 Ford we saw recently; this GMC lives just around the corner from the Ford. So, once you're done with the gallery, make your vote count!

If it had a radio, this truck would be the ideal vehicle for tuning in some Hank Williams on the AM while jouncing down a dirt road in Oklahoma. But it has no radio. You can see the heater blower, though, so it least it's not cold in the winter.


Check out that beautiful texture! The layers of old paint! This truck's neighborhood has gone crazy upscale in recent years, but enough Alameda old-timers have stuck around to keep the street-parked vehicles from being nothing but high-end Japanese and German stuff.

You don't have to worry about scratching the finish when you use this truck to pick up some 2x4s or sacks of cement. And you could still commute in it!


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