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Hyundai just unveiled the above shiny winged silver name-badge for the new rear-wheel drive power sedan from the Korean automaker. Yes, we know it's not very attractive. But the good news is the badge is only for the Korean and Chinese markets where, according to Hyundai, the wings will "symbolize the spirit of flight and soaring above it all..." Oh yes, they certainly do. Totally. But that's not the only Genesis news from the kim-chee commanders. They've also revealed some engine details...that...we...already...kinda...figured...


Specifically the top-end Genesis sedan will get the new Tau V8 and all 375 of its rampaging horses. The base model will end up receiving a V6 Lambda engine of the 3.3-liter variety and the mid-level gets the 3.8-liter. We're still expecting the world premiere of the new power-sedan to drop cloth at the Detroit Auto Show next month. Fear not, we'll be there.