Since we had the Do Pickups Belong On DOTS vote (in which the overwhelming response was "Hail yes!"), I've been trying to avoid a situation in which machinery made by The General totally dominates the DOTS truck entries. However, the reality is that I find several old GMCs or Chevrolets for every old Ford, Dodge, or Japanese truck (and yes, International Harvester fans, I'm doing my best to find a Scout). That's OK with me, since I'm a big fan of the styling of 60s GM pickups, but I'll do my best to ensure that other brands are represented here. Disclaimer over, now let's look at today's truck!

Using all my Jalopnik superpowers, I am able to narrow the model year of this truck down to the 1964-66 range. Thus, the arbitrary selection of 1965 in the headline; as always, those of you who can give us a more specific year, please do. Of course, parts transplants from other trucks may have resulted in a FrankenGMC for which identification is impossible. But who cares? Check out this battle-damaged hubcap!

This GMC belonged to a painting crew that was working inside the house; we can assume that this truck has been working nonstop for four hard decades. How many miles do you suppose it has?


Here's the winner of the Meatiest Engine Emblem Award. Someone, somewhere, must have found a way to get the V12 version of this engine under the hood of one of these trucks.

I'm torn as to whether this nose design looks better than the one on the '65 Dodge pickup. I like the GMC's looks from all other angles, but the Dodge does look good from the front. Hey, let's have a poll!


A real truck is one that doesn't care if you toss cinder blocks into the bed from a second-story window. All the cupholders and crazy towing capacity in the world can't rival that.

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