Though most commit crime out of need, not sport, it's hard to feel anything but angry at those who stole the wheels from a Meals-On-Wheels vehicle in Clark County, Washington. Seriously. Without the wheels all they have is, you know... hot meals getting cold. The thieves weren't even kind enough to put the truck on blocks, meaning that there is possible damage to the undercarriage (there's never an alligator around when you need one). If you're in the Portland/Clark County area you can help by volunteering to deliver the food yourself. It's an excuse to take a long drive and help people. Details below the jump.

Our Weekend Program needs Meals-On-Wheels drivers! Pickup meals between 10 and 11:30 a.m. Saturday or Sunday at the Belmont Center, 4610 SE Belmont. Deliveries are made in Multnomah County only and take about 90 minutes. No need to return to the center after delivering! For more information, phone Bruce at 503.736.6325 ext. 86223 [The Columbian]